The Company
HYB TONER ® represents High Yield & BeneficialToner for the usersAll the products are manufactured by a group company HKHAOYINBAO GROUP CO., LTD and the group is composed of 4 companies.

Zhuhai Dior InternationalTrading Co., Ltd.,
A critical distribution company we use to createconvenience on the logistic, operation, and effective export procedures.
Zhuhai HaoYinBao PrintingConsumables Co., Ltd.,
226,000 Copier toner Kits and 120,000 compatible lasertoner cartridges are produced upon a structure of 380 operators, 20technicians, 18 quality controllers together with 9 productions lines. Morethan 600,000usd of annual investment into purchasing new copiers to maintainthe laboratory is always on the TOP level among all the toner manufacturers.Machines are imported from Asia, Europe, America, Africa for the only purposeof testing because HYB is selling worldwide to more than 86 countries, 695quality papers about Kyocera testing were issued every day and more than 230units of toner loads come into destructive testing and damaged.

Zhuhai Jiayu Blow mouldtooling factory
More than 2,777 moulds for blow/injection production, HYBis the only mainland Chinese manufacturer implement an efficient developmentand production after Genuine copier products and all the empty cartridges for photocopiers are in-house production from HYB. 
HeNANHaoYinBao ImagingMaterial Co., Ltd.
With an occupation of 80,000m2 of land and 8 automatic bulk toner production lines from Germany, Henen Haoyinbao Imaging Material
 Co., Ltd. has become the copier toner production base for HYB. Production output increased from 2200tons to 3800tons since November 2013 and this 
enabled HYB to expand their market with abundant high quality toner.