HYB warns of counterfeit products in Europe
HYB warns of counterfeit products in Europe

HK HaoYinBao Group (HYB) was made aware of the counterfeit products through a complaint by a buyer of toner cartridges, parts and consumables in Warsaw, Poland.

The dealer claimed it bought the toner cartridges from a Chinese trading company, who allegedly said their products are made by HYB. After the communication with the customer, HYB’s sales professionals immediately realised this trading company was using HYB’s brand name to sell their own toner cartridges.

HYB said that the trading company wrongly claimed “made by HYB” compatible toner 006R01701, 006R01702, 006R01703, 006R01704 for use in Xerox Altalink C8030 damaged the developer unit of the customers and caused a bill with high expenses for the Polish customer.

HYB technical professionals immediately helped the customer to solve their quality issue and minimised any cost and now the customer started to order directly from HYB since May 2020.

HYB legal representatives are investigating the issue and articles published from this trading company who announced incorrect product sources related to HYB. The company is now considering what actions to take against the Chinese trading company.

HYB added: “Customers are recommended to order only from authorised distributors in the EU for HYB products or ordering directly from HYB Sales Professionals to avoid misleading information and faulty products.

“The products distributed by E.U. distributors should come with HYB logo, holograms, batch numbers linked with HYB Quality System. Zeus Toner and HYB Toner are both the trademarks owned by HK HaoYinBao Group and any Parties who quote and use our brand names for marketing purposes should be authorized otherwise we reserve the right to accuse for legal responsibility with disclosures of companies that wrongly using our names.”

HYB products are available through 150 importers in the European Union and the United Kingdom.