HYB opens Video Channels for introduction of their products
HYB opens Video Channels for introduction of their products
The COVID-19 pandemic required us to keep social distancing between people and traveling abroad to visit the customers become impossible in this period. To provide a convenience for their distributors and easy access for customers who have interest in knowing HYB Products, HYB prepared videos with introduction of selected products and publish in their Youtube, Instagram Channels (hybtoner).

The videos HYB produced was not made with a purpose to promote their products to the end users or increase attention to a celebrity. The customer base of HYB is mainly consist of distributors, importers who concentrate on products of copiers and have been supplying premium HYB products to the dealers who are used to O.E.M products. This is the reason why HYB Sales Professionals pay more attention to introduce how HYB technical team and QA professionals implement their own process, material control to reach consistency of different batches with their own standards.
The Videos also remind the distributors to review their loss in technical service and cost-per-copy by using poor quality After Market consumables made by unprofessional suppliers as many distributors actually faced problems and realized they should make a correct calculation about “saving”.

LATAM Sales Manager Omar Moreno, International Development Manager Andres Rubio together with the other HYB Sales Professionals have been busy preparing these videos, from which the customers will definitely tell the difference of HYB products and understand the mission HYB team bear.

“The timely resume to production and NPD (New Product Development) enable HYB to release a series of new products which were approved by their Laboratory as well as our customers. The Ozone filter, new version of Service Vacuum, Ricoh Drum Units, Toner cartridges for Konica Minolta, Xerox, Canon etc. The video introduces more details rather than data and technical specification disclosed to the customers. It will be a way to make a better approach to customers who get used to receive lots of mail shots from different suppliers while few of them ever detailed them details and difference of products” said Kim Lee, Sales Director of HYB.
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