Employees of the Month - September
Employees of the Month - September
HYB awards Mr. Yang and Mr. Lee as the outstanding employees of September in 2020 year. HYB is glad to announce the employees are awarded for below reasons:
 The employee has performed actively in process control, tooling calibration, inspection point.
The employees has consistently maintained a pattern of work performance with their innovation and/or sparkling service to other department.
The employee adheres to department and company policies and procedures.
The employee provides timely service to other department in every situation.   
The employee consistently contributes ideas, in an effort to improve working procedures and minimization of mistake.

Mr. Yang ( responsible for Process Control) and Mr. Lee ( responsible for inventory management) are awarded as “ 5 Starts Employee of September”
Every success HYB achieve relies on the contribution from their precious employees so HYB cherish the outstanding performance from their employees. Keeping products consistently in a premium quality level is not only by jobs from several posts but a system that maintained by the whole team.
We would like to have our customers be aware of the fact that our team members are all bearing a common concept to perform the best in their job to make sure goods produced by HYB will be delivered to the customers with their extensive value.