HYB products are introduced by distributor in Turkmenistan
HYB products are introduced by distributor in Turkmenistan
HYB just confirmed their partnership with Аманаев Komputers in Turkmenistan.
According to Mr. Amanayew, they are a 12-year old company in Turkmenistan with business range covered Printers, Copiers, Computers and Supplies. Their cooperation with HYB started in 2019 when they got introduced from their trusted supplier in DVD-R Industry. With the first order from HYB, they witnessed the products gained great popularity in their Wholesale and Retail channels.

It is the reason why they repeated their order in 2020 with an intention to maintain a long term cooperation with HYB. By the end of September, HYB officially authorized Аманаев Komputers to distributor products with HYB ® ( High Yield and Beneficial Toner for the Users) trade mark in Turkmenistan.

Dealers and local customers in Turkmenistan will see the new inventory at the beginning of November. As the all-in-one solution provider, HYB product range included Toner, Cartridges, Spare parts and Technician Tooling such as Service Vacuum Cleaners and Filter in Remanufacturing Industry. We are grateful to see the customers in Turkmenistan benefited from our premium products. Expansion of HYB in their brand building has proved that consistent premium quality will maintain the loyalty of customers. So far, HYB has more 38 distributors who are carrying authorization to sell products under our registered trade marks - HYB TONER ® ( High Yield and Beneficial Toner for the Users) , ZIKOM® and Zeus Toner® despite of their existing 700+ importers customer base. To know more about being an official distributor of HYB, please talk with our Sales Professionals.
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