New Product range added to HYB Remanufactured Machines Catalog
New Product range added to HYB Remanufactured Machines Catalog
The COVID-19 impacted operations of many countries as well as the used machines collection Industry in Europe and the U.S. As a result, the status of resources for used copiers in the Global Market changed time by time.  

HYB started remanufacturing copiers business since 2019 and have been offering ECO-Friendly copiers of Konica® Minolta®, Xerox®, and Sharp®. Recently HYB removed the Sharp copiers and added the Ricoh machine models into their catalog with below models available to supply.
Ricoh® MP 3054, MP 3554. MP 4054, MP 5054, MP 6054, MPC 2004, MPC 2504, MPC 4504, MPC 6004 etc. ( Please keep in touch with Sales Professionals for updates inventory status as Some machine models are available with limited quantity )

Most of the Ricoh machines, originally collected from U.S.A enables most of our customers in Latin America to get default 110V copiers after series of production and QC process of HYB.
Some customers concern how HYB offered different quality rebuilt Copiers compared with the other sourcing in China and what’s the standard of HYB products.
The standardization of HYB is implemented into every process in their production since the incoming inspection until the finished products.

When most of the suppliers are rebuilding all their collected machines, HYB set up their own sorting process to check whether the machines are valuable to be rebuilt or not. With those qualified machines, HYB disassembled shells, covers of the machines and components and thoroughly clean the whole machine. Each machine cover and case went through ultrasonic-cleaning, spray painting for refurbishment.

Check the essential Parts ( Units ) and make sure they are at their working condition, otherwise replaced with new ones ( Remanufactured photoconductor units, drum units, fuser units, etc.)

Clean the Imaging Units, 1; the carrier in the developing unit will be replaced with new one; 2; if the OPC drum and blade are found to be defective when cleaning drum unit, OPC and blade will be replaced by brand-new ones, or the complete remanufactured Drum Unit produced by HYB will be installed 3; the transfer belt assembly will be replaced by new one if found to be defective while cleaning process.
Upper and lower roller will be replaced by new one if found it are defective while cleaning Fuser unit.
Machines being assembled and inspected 1; Assemble machine for its developing unit, transfer assembly unit, fixing assembly unit, outer shell case/machine cover 2; Test machine's paper feeding system and copying &printing running system.

Only after the complete inspection and on-bench testing were finished, the copiers will be sealed and packed as their ready-to-sell condition.

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