HYB: Our Partners Are Convinced by our Stable Quality
HYB: Our Partners Are Convinced by our Stable Quality

Mr. Vincent Chen, the president of HK HaoYinBao Group answered some questions in the interview 
with Information Agency "Business -Inform"

What was the year 2020 like for HYB? What were the main achievements? Which plans have been successfully implemented, which have been not?

2020 was full of challenges as well as surprises for HYB. Regarding business, we had a tough beginning of 2020 due to COVID-19, and it affected our logistic, productivity until February, but we have returned to our capacity and made 12% of slight sales growth compared to 2019. HYB helped 3 of our main distributors to establish their new distribution branches in Saudi Arabia, Europe and Mauritius despite of impact on business by COVID-19. Furthermore, 96 new International accounts established their business relations with HYB in 2020. We have successfully updated the new toner testing standards in our Yuzhou and Zhuhai Laboratories along with some new testing equipment being added. There are 8 new toner formulas developed with our Japanese partner and 4 of them being produced in massive production, supplied to the market. One of them won in the International Open Quality Printing Contest. The plan of product development of new cartridges and spare parts is only 82% accomplished because some models have been pending in process with a difficult delivery importing copiers, printers from abroad for testing.

How are the relationships going with your Russian partners? Has the demand for your products changes? Are there any new vectors of partnership?

We would say that the partnership and trust with our Russian partners are stronger than ever because both HYB and our partners in Russia tried to support each other in the difficult period. We did witness that some customers suffered with the demand dropped due to the lock-down by governmental control policy against COVID-19. Not all our Russian partners retained same sales as in 2019 but we see that some of them have opened new product range by introducing new products developed by HYB such as Service Vacuum Cleaner, Ozone Filter (for Home office), and new toner formulas. These are products that develop another field to grow the business of our partners.

In which market segments do you see the best perspectives for your company for 2021? How different are those perspectives in terms of the market globally and in Russia?

HYB never moves its focus out of the market segments that demand quality oriented products. Despite the difference in types of products, there is not much difference in composition of market between Russia and other parts of the world. There is always a group of people who claim that their market is full of demand for low priced products only and it’s difficult for them to survive, etc. But in our opinion, it’s all depending on the companies’ strategy that decides which segments the suppliers want to focus on and defines how much of investment should be done in hardware, human resources to enable suppliers to offer the right products (or something else) for that market segment. The COVID-19 has directed life and commerce into a new route and companies need intelligence, sensitive insight and creativity to discover opportunities during this period. This is the same for HYB and our customers in Russia.

What has changed in your company’s work due to COVID-19 pandemic? What is the share of employees working remotely? What are the measures taken on the production line and in the office for protection of employees’ health?

Thanks to our government and scientists, there are lots of updated regulations being implemented and new methods being suggested. In China we have gone through a period (in January) when there were no activities of production allowed in order to secure people’s safety, so 100% of the employees were working from home. Then in February HYB was one of the first batches of manufacturers to get permitted to start production under protection regulations. We have had to complete process of anti-virus cleaning every day, workers returned to work gradually and worked in their position keeping their distance, 2 shifts of anti-virus UV lights were required daily, workers and employees were 100% mask on, every working section had sufficient PE products equipped for employees, all HYB staff had their own QR code tracking back history of visits etc. (more details in https://www.allforcopiers.com/news/hyb-resumed-production-since-february-10th. html). HYB is a Global company with staff abroad so Headquarter also prepared PE products and list of cautious points required Overseas employees to follow. (https://www.allforcopiers.com/news/hybspecial-care-for-their-overseas-workmates. html)

Which advantages of your company and its products determine the decision of your International partners to provide just your company’s products?

HYB is a manufacturer that has been supplying to more than 700 International importers in 77 countries. It has 3 registered trademarks that are reputable in 40 countries, and 38 distributors are being proud of selling products under HYB’s trademarks. This is one of the reasons why HYB won the “Global Brand Award 2020” voted by 14 International Professionals in the Industry. The customers of HYB build the foundation together with the manufacturer and they are convinced by the stable quality and constant development to release new products such as Toner cartridges, toner formulas and spare parts, which reflects how Intellectual property of HYB works. Customers stick to HYB considering they are getting One-Stop Solutions for products in high-end business equipment: Copiers, MFPs. This has dramatically saved cost for the customers compared to when they are purchasing toner, cartridges, components and spare parts from different suppliers.