HYB upgraded configuration of Drum Units for DK-1150
HYB upgraded configuration of Drum Units for DK-1150
Recently, the new establishment of sourcing channel for OEM DK-1150 drum shell has enabled HYB to upgrade the configuration of their DK-1150 drum unit.

The drum unit remains the same application for use in
Kyocera ECOSYS
M2040dn/M2540dw/M2635dw/M2135dn M2735dw/M2640idw/P2040dw/P2235dw
The laboratory approved new long-life OPC has been used to rebuild the HYB-DK-1150UG Drum units. With the upgraded configuration, the HYB-DK-1150UG Drum unit went through a life testing with estimated yield of 120K pages in ECOSYS M2040 machines. In order to understand the difference between HYB-DK-1150UG Drum unit and other New build compatible Drum unit. The customer of HYB has sent one of their current products to HYB for comparison testing.
With the long-life Drum, HYB-DK-1150UG Drum unit has reached almost 4 times of the Rival’s newly built DK-1150 drum units.

HYB-DK-1150UG Drum unit was remanufactured from O.E.M. shells and customers won’t face with possible issues from the cartridges due to precision problems of molding.

In the testing done in 2040 machines, the HYB-DK-1150UG Drum unit performs stable when it worked O.E.M toner, HYB toner and other major reputable aftermarket toners while the Rival’s drum units only worked with 2 kinds of aftermarket toners.  

HYB-DK-1150UG Drum unit developed and remanufactured by HYB, will effective decrease the cost of service and offer great customers’ satisfaction just like they had with the O.E.M. products.
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