HYB'S TONER and Cartridges won in the Contest
HYB'S TONER and Cartridges won in the Contest

36 Russian and 17 International brands have taken part in International OPEN QUALITY PRINTING CONTEST (2021-01), during which the best alternative cartridges, as well as toners for remanufacturing KyoceraTK-3190 have been determined. 
The organizers of the Contest: Information Agency “Business-Inform” and the Russian Association AQCMShave declared the Winners.
According to the testing results done during the First and the Second Stages of the Contest, HYB TK-3190-48HYB TK-3190-68 manufactured by HYBare winners of the New-Built TK3190 Cartridges out of the 53 participants.
MITSUBISHI UT19F5 and HYB TG-48, HYB TG-68 (supplier– HYB) are determined to be best Toners for Remanufacturing TK3190.
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HYB is the only manufacturer and participant who won as “The Best Brands of Toners for Remanufacturing Kyocera Cartridges” as well as “The Best Brands of Alternative Kyocera Cartridges” at the same time. HYB is also the only manufacturer and participant has submitted both products (TG-48 and TG-68 toners) determined to be winners. Congratulations to HYB!
The stats of the Nominees and the Winners are included into the public report, “The Best Solutions in the Field of Office Printing (2021)”, which is released by the Information Agency “Business-Inform”. Apart from that the offers by the Nominee and Winner brands will be submitted by the organizers of the Contest into large Russian companies and public organizations in order for them to evaluate the possibility of supplying those alternative cartridge brands into large Russian companies and public organizations in 2021-2022. 

As the world class premium quality supplier, HYB and their Japanese partner developed their toners with targeted market where customers get products with O.E.M equivalent quality. The International Open Quality Printing Contest (2021-01) is a good chance for Russian customers, dealers and MPS providers to know that there are great quality formulas that are approved by manufacturer, customers, 3rdparties, judges and professional laboratories.

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