HYB added advanced equipment for laboratory
HYB added advanced equipment for laboratory
HK HaoYinBao Group (known as HYB Toner) has increased investment in R & D and Quality Control system by adding new measurement equipment and testing machines. Despite of newly-purchased Ricoh, Minolta, UTAX and Sharp color copiers, the company also added new KEYENCE digital microscopes, X-rite densitometers and other analyzing equipment to their both laboratories in Yuzhou, Henan and Zhuhai, Guangdong. The company has capacity of observation magnification from 0.1x to 5000x and extremely accurate density measurement in four-color with higher efficiency.    
The intention to successfully develop products as a real alternative to the OEM meant accurate data about the OEM products needed to be gathered from the outset. Aftermarket toners, if they are to be truly a seamless replacement and alternative, must have the same fusing properties, density and yield and be compatible and reverse-compatible with the OEM equivalent in each case. 

“We will never release a product into the market if we have not completed our due diligence research on the OEM product first,” said Gu, the technical director of HYB. HYB closely observes the impact of its toners on the devices, particularly on the parts that are replaced such as rollers and OPC drums. HYB takes the view that it cannot be a one-off evaluation but needs to be long-term.
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The constant investment in R & D and Quality Control helped HYB to lead in the development of new toner formulas and set up high Testing Standards in order to stand out of the Aftermarket with valuable products. Contact the Sales Professionals of HYB to know more about their new release.