Great Show - Paperworld - Messe Frankfurt 2016
Great Show - Paperworld - Frankfurt 2016

From 29th of January to 2nd of Feb, HYB has sent its sales team to Frankfurt for the Paperworld Expo with their simple and elegant decoration. 

The meaning of attending the show is to get regular meeting with the customers and discuss for the business prospect in 2016.
It is also a stage where shows the impact of HYB brand and how we carry 18 years of experience on copier products to meet the high quality standard of customers who get used to Geunine products. 

With very strong interest and extraordinary quanitty of visitors, HYB booth even attracts the local media and reporter of the show for interviewing the team.


Certainly, our products gain a lot of attention from professional buyers too. 


It's important for HYB to tie their business orientation with the distributors, partners and customers and make strategy setting together. 

This is the reason how we keep stable sales growth in the past 6 years even if the market has been very tough with price war and those who supplied low quality to ruin the market. 

A real professional users choose high performance with products value instead of pricing only. We make those who ever try HYB products never walk away from us any more.