Samsung MPS Program Overview
This comprehensive program is designed to help Samsung’s dealer, reseller and OEM partners implement and develop strategic managed print solutions for customers that can be tailored to individual account needs. Samsung PrintIQTM addresses many common office printing issues, lowers total operating costs and provides opportunities for enhanced revenue and profits.
Partners for the Samsung PrintIQTM program include MWA Intelligence, Print Fleet, , LMI, Compass Sales Solutions and Great America Leasing Corporation.
The Samsung PrintIQTM program comes with a complete suite of tools that provide dealers and resellers with the ability to analyze, optimize and manage their customers’ printer, multi-function printer (MFP) and copier fleets. The program highlights areas where dealers and resellers can reconfigure their customers’ fleets and employ Samsung and selected partners to conduct faster, cheaper and better leasing, monitoring, supplies and service programs.
“Samsung PrintIQTM is a smart solution for our dealers, resellers and partners trying to meet their customers’ changing demands,” said Todd Bouman, vice president of marketing for Samsung Electronics America’s Enterprise Business Division. “At Samsung, our customers are our number one priority and implementing this program will help them to substantially increase productivity and lower their customers’ total cost of ownership.”
The Samsung PrintIQTM program is composed of the following tools:
System Analysis: Samsung representatives join the vendors’ sales teams to offer a comprehensive analysis and make sure the right machines are matched with the right requirements as well as ensuring each workgroup understands which features would most benefit efficiency.
Print Management: Industry leading software solutions are provided to monitor and analyze the fleet continuously for peak efficiency. Samsung partnered with MWAi to provide unique print management solution based on Samsung XOA technology and with Print Fleet to provide affordable cloud print management solution
Leasing Program: To keep the optimized Samsung PrintIQTM programs within budget, Samsung’s finance leasing partner Great America Leasing Corporation provides leasing options, subsidized by Samsung, for qualified resellers. There is no need for a costly cash outlay and as technology develops and newer printers and MFPs are released, they can be replaced easily for continually optimized efficiency.
Sales Tools: Samsung’s partner, Compass Sales Solutions, provides an information system that automatically records sales and sales force management functions for the vendors. This helps improve vendors’ workflow, reduces time spent doing paperwork, helps the management team assess what is in the funnel and provides tools to help coach the sales team.
Supplies: For solutions that incorporate Samsung machines, Samsung PrintIQTM offers specially priced, genuine Samsung supplies to qualified resellers. Samsung has also partnered with LMI to provide reliable, professional-quality low priced toner cartridges for various non-Samsung printers, MFPs and copiers.
National Service & Support: Samsung PrintIQTM includes full technical support through a national network of service partners.
“Samsung has demonstrated its market leadership by joining the MPSA as a Foundation Member, and now the company continues its proactive industry involvement with the launch of the Samsung PrintIQTM program for their dealer, reseller and manufacturer partners,” said Joe Barganier, President of MPSA. “With this program, Samsung is providing its channel partners with more tools to reward their participation in an MPS opportunity.”
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