HYB resumed Production since February 10th
HYB resumed Production since February 10th

In order to control the spreading of covid19 (coronavirus), Chinese government has taken a series of actions to protect workers, factories for the opening after CNY holidays. As we already knew, the manufacturing business in China was seriously affected by the actions and a chain of influence happened also to the International business.

Started from 10th of February, the Government allowed some companies, factories to open as the 1st batch of companies resumed to work only after approval is given. #HYB (Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumables Co., Ltd.) was one of the first-batch companies in Zhuhai city approved by the local government for resuming work on February 10. It has been almost 2 weeks since then on and the operations in HYB has been orderly running. More than 70% of employees in the office are in their best working condition and the production capacity for copier cartridges, drum units is gradually recovering.

Sales staff are 80% recovered but we cannot work over time because there is Anti-virus cleaning process after office hours everyday and everyone here is required to wear masks.


HYB PMC and Sourcing Managers made long-term forecast before Chinese New Year and their toner from overseas channels are sufficient for the next 3 months. “We have bulk toner costs more than 4.8 million dollars has been ordered and some of them are in position while the rest are in importing process gradually so we are confident with our raw material that play 60-70% important role in our production.” said Ms. Nitta Wang, the Sourcing Manager of HYB. (know more by click the link of News dated 2020-02-14)

Since the first 2 weeks of return, HYB crew has helped their customers to ship several urgent shipments with the earliest booking orders from the shipping agents. Even if we are not at our full capacity as before, HYB team members are doing their best to speed up the process helping their customers with shortage in their inventory.