HYB New Release in December TN225/TN226
HYB New Release in December TN225/TN226

HYB has been serving distributors and dealers with premium quality toner, developer and drum units for the copiers with most up-to-date catalogs. So it’s important for HYB to develop new items and assure our distributors are in the 1st place to carry a full range of latest and quality assured products. 

Recently HYB have released 

FOR USEIN BIZHUB 3061\2661\2461\2261/BIZHUB 7221I\7223I\7228I

The concern of IP and material safety are the 2 factors that come together with the Quality Assurance of HYB products. More and more regulations regarding "Excessive DecaBDE" limited some of the products manufactured by our competitors. HYB has been the First choice of 600 importers in 77 countries for their copier toner cartridges. We developed more than 2700 SKUs for Injection, Blow molding production and the products we supply are not just for leading manufacturers who fill their own copier cartridges but also 75% of cartridges produced and come into the HYB facility. 


More products are approved to release in the next 2 weeks and we are ready to supply new products to our customers to complete their catalog at the beginning of 2020. http://www.copiertonerpro.c