HYB shared video User Guide for Service Vacuum Model XC-168
HYB shared video User Guide for Service Vacuum Model XC-168

HYB released Service Vacuum Model XC-168 and the replacement accessories for customers who will only need part of the replacement and recover the function of their machine after a certain period. The filters, tubes and other accessories can be purchased separately. After independent testing, the Certificate of Conformity (#EBO1912114-V314) has been granted to HYB (Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumables Co., Ltd.) the manufacturer of the Vacuum Models XC-168 and XC-169, the company announced.


In order to provide their distributors an User Guide of the products, they have recently uploaded a video on Youtube showing how to use such products:


Below the link of the Video: https://youtu.be/Zf53nniCJhY



At the time of the launch, HYB said: “The initial intention to develop this machine was to offer a more economic but high quality tool to keep the remanufacturing workshop clean and tidy. There were already several models existing in the market but most of them are simply copying the successful model without consideration of the feedback from the technicians. Most of them never discover that tube they are using for this machine don’t resist to the particle’s movement in the entire process and the life of the tube is very short.


With HYB Service Vacuum, we hope to strengthen the importance of our distributors among their customers when quality oriented products are needed.