HYB Forecasts their Product Development 1
HYB Forecasts their Product Development 1

Research & Development of Toner  


Toner, as key composition of Copier cartridges; is extremely important for a manufacturer like HYB (HK HaoYinBao Group) as it plays 60-80% important role in a Copier Toner Cartridge (Toner Kit). HYB has been known for their strict quality standard in selection of toner formula and suppliers. With years of accumulation of reputation, HYB has been a preference when many Global distributors are looking for Toner and Parts for Copiers. 

Instead of only being a distributors of toner from manufacturers, HYB has been entering deeper field to the development of their own toner sourcing in order to have their unique and exclusive products. Since years HYB has been authorized channel when Global Distributors are looking for catalogue-listed bulk toner made by HGOA, Daiken Chemicals as well as other Toner manufacturers. 

At the meantime, HYB successfully reached agreement with their manufacturers for development of their exclusive formulas in order to satisfy their customers who are not happy with regular generic products in the After Market and looking for products closer to the performance of the Genuine Toner. 

The huge investment of time and cost eventually result to a good product. The multiple options offered by HYB to their distributors and customers who are looking for tailor-made products, result from their 22-year of experience in the business of specialty and knowhow from their own R &D. 

In 2018, HYB released their first exclusive color toner for use in Xerox DC-IV C 2270 – C 5570 , DC-IV C 2275 – C 5575,DC-V C 2275-C7775, DC-V C2276-C7776, DOCUCOLOR 550/560/570/450/250/700 DIGITAL PHASER 7500/7800, WORKCENTRE 7425/7120/7525/7823

(https://www.rtmworld.com/news/hyb-announced-new-toner/) The great popularity and satisfaction gained from their customers encouraged them to continue their development and release of new formula (https://www.rtmworld.com/news/customers-satisfied-by-hyb-color-toner/ ) 


In 2019, HYB has started their production in conventional toner production line in Japan for Canon color toners for their first batch of customers who tested and made trial orders. The toner HYB developed is suitable for major popular Canon machines such as iR-ADV C5560/C5550/C5540/C5535, IR C3020/3320/3330/3325/3520/3525/3530 and IR C5045//C5051/C5250/C5255/ IR C5035/C5030/C5235/C5240


The new toner for use in Xerox DocuCentre-VI C2271 has been approved and under testing by key dealers so we can expect to have New Release from HYB for a toner used in various Xerox Generation VI Copiers shortly. HYB established own Laboratory equipped with machines to perform testing and measurement so as to keep toner manufactured by subcontractors will be always in line with their standard. 

Check HYB Testing Video (https://youtu.be/dES1Wjq4oJg ) and have a LAB Tour by (https://youtu.be/S2Hw6sg9z_M ). 

The sustainable development of HYB will enable them to open their own bulk toner catalogue in the near future.